Campaigns To and Through Partners

Boost brand awareness, generate qualified leads, and accelerate sales with co-branded marketing campaigns that your partners will love.

Campaigns To and Through Partners




To-Partner Campaigns

You need to treat your partners like a business lead and nurture them into your program/portal by selling the value to THEM and THEIR business.

You also must keep them up to date and excited about your program.

Elastic Digital has crafted hundreds of to partner campaigns to help our clients achieve their partner program goals.

Through Partner Campaigns

Partners expert more than your corporate marketing with a place to add their logo and contact us details.

Your campaigns have to be partner centric and multi touch and multi tactic all tied together with workflows and a simple to use portal.

We’ll help you create partner friendly campaigns with emails, social posts banners and landing pages with deferent messaging for each stage of the sales cycle.

WE DO IT ALL: All you have to is full in a small brief and give us your assets and we’ll do the rest

Campaign Best Practices

Building a successful end-user marketing campaign with your partners requires a lot of effort

Here are some best practices to get the most out of your through partner marketing campaigns

Don’t: Just throw your end user campaigns into a portal and leave a place for a partner to add their logo Do:

PARTNERIZE: Tailor your campaigns so your partners can personalize to their brand and messaging

COLLABORATE : Involve your partners in the planning process. Run surveys and calls to understand seek input and feedback on the campaign concept, messaging, and content.

SUPPORT: Don't just hand off the materials and leave your partners to fend for themselves. Offer training on the campaign assets, answer their questions, and share best practices for utilizing the various channels and resources.

RESPECT THEIR RESOURCES: Be realistic about the time and resources your partners can commit. Tailor your expectations and offer scalable options for implementing the campaign, such as pre-configured landing pages or customizable email templates.

FOCUS ON QUALITY CONTENT: Create high-value, insightful content that is easy to understand and use for your partners and their prospects. This could include case studies, webinars, white papers, or explainer videos.

COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY: Maintain open and consistent communication throughout the campaign. Keep your partners informed of any updates, changes, or challenges, and address their concerns promptly. This builds trust and strengthens the partnership.

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